This majestic vintage Suzani tapestry, handcrafted in Uzbekistan, exudes a timeless elegance. The intricate blue floral Suzani motifs, meticulously hand-embroidered onto a soft cotton base, showcase the artistry and skill passed down through generations.  These vibrant blooms come alive against a backdrop rich with history, as the tapestry may exhibit minor wear and some stains. These imperfections, however, are not flaws, but rather a testament to its remarkable journey and a window into the past. 

Much more than just art, this versatile Suzani tapestry offers endless possibilities. Hang it on a wall for a captivating focal point brimming with global intrigue, or drape it over your sofa or bed for a unique blend of warmth, cultural heritage, and timeless beauty. 

This vintage tapestry show signs of wear, including small rips or mends. 

  • *Era: Vintage
  • *Material: Cotton / silk
  • *Size: 85" (L) x 56" (W) 
  • *Color: Blue/White
  • *Wash Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • *Condition: Hand-woven/ antique or vintage fabrics may show wear, uneven edges, discoloration & blemishes

Found in Uzbekistan

  • **Please bear in mind that colors of products shown may vary slightly from their original color due to monitor display settings or photography studio lighting.
DE-COR | Globally Inspired
Vintage Syam Blue Suzani Throw

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