Devi Antique Mandala Lumbar Suzani Pillow

Made from a antique Suzani tapestry, it features hand done embroidery and a solid linen back. Suzani is a Persian word meaning "needle work", and these beautiful tapestries were made popular by trade through the silk routes. The floral and botanical motif stitching are hand done by women of nomadic tribes in Uzbekistan and are rich in history, telling stories of the individual women's lives and their community, from birth to marriage. 

  • Pillow has a hidden zipper and comes with a down filler.
  • *Era: Antique
  • *Material: Cotton/Linen/Down
  • *Size: 16" x 24"
  • *Color: Red/Black/Multi
  • *Condition: Hand-woven/ Minor wear
  • *Remove Insert/Dry-Clean

Found in Uzbekistan

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