In Love with Blue (making the Indigo Batik Throw)

April 27, 2015 ,



India is known to be one of the earliest major center for
cultivation and application of the indigo plant.
Indigo is extracted from the leaves of the indigo tinctoria plant through
a long fermentation process and turned into pigment powder.
Batik printing is a printing process that utilizes wax to resist color dye on specific
areas of the fabric to reveal beautiful, intricate pattern.
After the wax resist is applied, the fabric is then dyed with
natural plant based pigment.
For Spring, De-cor features its new arrival of originally designed Indigo Batik Throws.
We are truly in love with these striking natural indigo dyed Batik prints
on 100% cotton handwoven throws.
Representing dignity & tranquility, indigo is historical a prized color
and still holds its popularity even today.
With a special variety of floral and tribal prints in selection...

These Indigo Batik Throws are a perfect way to add a pop of rich blue to your bedroom or living room.


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Deepali Pareek
Deepali Pareek


Founder of De-cor

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